Demi-Precentor Saul Walker


Leader of the Com Guards on Strata.


Name: Saul Walker
Rank: Demi-Precentor
Sex: Male
Age: 49
Mech: Shootist ST-8A.

Head of Com Guard forces on Strata. Responsible for guarding Delphi.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer Precentor Ezikiel Dawn
Subordinate officer Adept IX-Epsilon Bryce Alexander.

Very little is known about Demi-Precentor Saul Walker due to the isolationist policies of Precentor Ezikiel Dawn. He is known to be a competent officer, and suspected to conduct frequent training operations for his forces in the lowlands of Strata surrounding Olympus and Elysium.

Demi-Precentor Saul Walker

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