Countess Sarah Williams


Hereditary ruler of the county of Tyche continent.


Name: Sarah Williams
Rank: Countess
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Aerospace Fighter: Unknown

Countess Sarah Williams rules the county of Tyche from her families estates on the continent.

Countess Sarah Williams is fiercly dedicated to her continent and to the interests of planet Strata, She is known for her loyalty to Duchess Serena Shaw and to Tyche continent.

The current court advising the countess are understandably focused upon their continent and its aerospace industries. The countess is heavily involved in the aerospace industries of her continent, more-so than in matters of state and politics.

Like many of the potential heirs to the nobility, Countess Sarah Williams spent a significant portion of her early life away from Strata and performing military service. Unusually for a noble, this focused upon aerospace fighter piloting not battlemech piloting. Countess Sarah Williams is noted as being an ace aerospace fighter pilot and an accomplished pilot in a range of other aircraft.

Countess Sarah Williams

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