CEO Brett Baxter


CEO Brett Baxter, co-CEO of Larsson-Baxter Mining.


Name: Brett Baxter
Rank: CEO of Larsson-Baxter Mining
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Mech: Patron Loadermech

CEO of Larsson-Baxter Mining.

Brett Baxter is currently co-CEO of Larsson-Baxter Mining and was the founder of Baxter Affiliated Mining (B.A.M.) which then merged with Larsson Mechworks. At the time Larsson Mechworks was run by Melissa Larsson who is now the other CEO of Larsson-Baxter Mining.

Brett Baxter founded an independent mining outpost in the lost frontier before the formation of Argyre, he then formed an affiliation of local mining operations so they could collectively bargain for better rates on supply runs and landtrain routes. This was the seed that grew into Baxter Affiliated Mining as a localised guild of mining operations formed, was opened to non-localized operations (of sufficient profitability) and then developed into one unified corporation.

This is the reason why Brett Baxter became a qualified industrialmech pilot. To avoid being a “useless suit” at his mining operation, and then when visiting his affiliated operations, he trained to use a Patron loadermech. Since he normally travelled by landtrain, an extra pilot and loadermech were always welcome. As he has said often “If I am not going to useful why am I going there?” This attitude, and the practice of ‘multi-disciplined management’, has become a hallmark trait of Baxter Affiliated Mining and then Larsson-Baxter Mining.

Once Argyre was established Baxter Affiliated Mining merged with Larsson Mechworks. Baxter Affiliated Mining provided a number of active mining operations and veteran staff, while Larsson Mechworks were a major producer of industrialmechs including the vital Dig Lord Miningmech. The influx of mining equipment and transport equipment to affiliates together with the affiliated mining operations was the basis for the success of Larsson-Baxter Mining. The equipment aided the affiliate mines and their harvest of ores slashed the overheads of the factories in Perdix. A rapid expansion ensued, with Brett Baxter headhunting highly profitable operations and those mining strategic ores needed for the mechworks.

Currently CEO Brett Baxter and the ‘Baxter’ side of Larsson-Baxter Mining are based in the south quarter of Argyre while Melissa Larsson and the ‘Larsson’ side of the corporation are based in Perdix.

CEO Brett Baxter

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